TBranch (tbranch) wrote in wickedart,

Further Arts-Major Characters

Hi. I went on a tear and decided to go a bit crazy and do the other 7 major characters. So I made Nessarose, Fiyero, Madam Morrible, Boq, The Wizard, Chistery, and Doctor Dillamond. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. 


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Boq's cute. :) Love them all.
Hey, thanks a lot!
Aren't these lovely! I love the dark look on Nessarose...
Thanks! Yeah, I wanted a 'I have everything now, but no one to share with me' moment.


September 7 2009, 06:15:46 UTC 8 years ago

(Eve_from Oz, commented before, too slack ti sign in)

These are so incredible, you have an amazing talent. Well done!
And I'm back again to have a second look at all of your recent Wicked art posts :D
Very cool!
You have a very interesting style, it really seems more bookverse that musical, because of all the darkness. It's actually quite scary (in a good way, I promise!).
Heh! Yeah, thanks. Honestly, I've never seen the musical live (only the clips on youtube), so I don't have that type of experience to pull from. I've read the book, yeah, so its an amalgam of both.

And if you saw my Harry Potter art, its all pretty dark looking too =)
Oh, wow... the art is just amazing, mouth watering gorgeous!
Why is Boq hotter than Fiyero? Not that I'm complaining.
Fiyero looks like Matt Smith! ;D