Bea (not_nahrrington) wrote in wickedart,

Their dorm room!

"They" being Galinda and Elphaba, of course.

Link to the deviantART page. Rated G, because it's just a room.

Some isometric pixel art for you awesome fans. Because Wicked is awesome, but that goes unsaid, doesn't it? The nature of pixel art, of course, deems this to be very low res. But that's the beauty of it,  right? Or maybe that's a disappointment.

Also pixel art: tiny little pixel characters of (musical versions) Boq, Nessa, Galinda, Elphaba, Fiyero, Dillamond, Morrible and the Wizard.

Um. Yeah, I'll shut up now. (You can tell I'm fairly new, can't you? Rambling on and on...)

*sits quietly, crossing fingers that Rich Text formatting is kind to me for once*

And, um, I've read the three rules xD don't seem to have breached any. I hope not, anyway... D:
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