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it's so scandalacious :D

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w00t, welcome to wickedart :D This is a community for Wicked (either the new musical, or the novel by Gregory Maguire) inspired artwork - drawings, graphics, icons, costumes, whatever you can think of :D Make icons and graphics out of fanart! It's all good :D Sketches, works in progress, whatever. Still setting up in here (if you want to make a layout to replace the one I borrowed from spiralbound_lj and brutalised, feel free :D), but join, post, be merry!

Rules... (blah, shush, there's only three)

1. LJ cuts are your friends :D put thumbails outside of them if you want, but big images behind them please XD
2. Constructive Criticism = yes++. Trolls will be violated by a pack of winged howler monkeys on a regular basis :P
3. Ratings plz XD I am happy for you all to post as much nudity, etc as you want, but behind a cut and rated from G-NC-17 so people can skip if they like ;) Well, specifically if they're above G anway :D

Here you'll find a list of everyone's deviantART galleries, icon journals, etc, etc.

You should also check out the memories, as fingers crossed I'll be adding everyone's artposts in there so you can easily find more stuff by a person you like, once we've got more posts [post more!] :D


Want to affiliate? Leave a comment :D